Monday, February 18, 2013

More Favorite Built-In Storage Ideas Luxury Designs 2013

Step Up

For the little ones in your life, reaching the sink can be a daily test. This clever kids’ bathroom has a stool built into the drawers. 

Cozy Nook

Architectural elements add charm to any space, and this built-in seat highlights the beautiful arch above. Lantern sconces and storage bins make this nook feel like a cocoon. 

Staircase Storage

Camouflage everyday storage by hiding it in an unusual spot, as with this pullout wine cubby located under a staircase landing. The beaded-board front panel of this cabinet is identical to the rest of the wall -- the only hint of a secret wine cellar is a single bin pull. 

Poolside Perch

Built-in benches offer easy seating for this backyard pool. Cushions and pillows in bright colors add personality to this simple space. 

Organization Wall

This custom panel provides hooks for storage and a neatly integrated bench.

Bold Color

With two walls of shelves and bright blue paint, these bookshelves are both functional and decorative.

Heads Up

Maximize storage and display options by incorporating bookshelves above doorways or along unused wall space.

Red Paint

Bold red accenting gives these two-way shelves a colorful pop. With glass on either side, they link the kitchen and living room. 

Flank the Fireplace

Flanking a mantel, window seats create a focal point while offering extra seating and convenient, out-of-the-way storage.

Built-in Drop Spot

An entryway bench lends extra storage and character. Laundry baskets underneath hold towels or toys, and the addition can multitask as a handy seat or shelf for backpacks, groceries, or boxes. 

Space Outdoors

Built-in seating has a place outdoors as well. Concrete benches, accessorized with plenty of pillows, make lounging a breeze in this outdoor living room. 

Deserted Island

A permanent island wouldn’t fit in this long, narrow kitchen. Instead, a rolling custom cabinet adds stowaway utility.

Custom Buffet

This hardworking buffet provides storage for silver and dishware, plus two display cases for treasured collectibles.

Open Shelving

Cabinets often frame windows, but in this kitchen, shelves span the opening, which backlights the green and turquoise glasses.

Wall of Books

Books of all shapes and sizes complement the simple, sleek architecture of this custom bookshelf.

Open Door

The door to this closet once opened into the room, taking up valuable floor space. By taking off the door and adding a few shelves and simple trim work, this former trouble-spot becomes a studious workspace. A curtain made from hemstitched cotton twin sheets hides a metal filing cabinet below. 


This modern dining area sports a punch of personality -- tall built-ins add dimension and interest.

Family Nook

In this cozy dining nook, leather benches and beaded-board accents lend cottage charm.

Cottage Parlor

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with contrasting interiors accentuate the high ceilings in this cottage parlor.

More Favorite Built-In Storage Ideas
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More Favorite Built-In Storage Ideas

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