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Get Ready for Guests Luxury Designs 2013

Pamper Your Guests

Guest rooms don't have to be palatial -- it's the little things that make guests feel welcome. The room should be a private retreat where a cup of tea and a catnap are pure pleasure. A few thoughtful touches and decorating tricks will make your visitors feel right at home.

Home Away From Home

To ensure your guests a good night's sleep, use 100% cotton sheets. Launder new linens several times before guests arrive; the more linens are washed, the softer they get. A small bedside bouquet or arrangement will fill the air with an inviting fragrance and add a pop of color.

Also, make sure the room is lit with a good reading lamp and other sources of soft light, such as sconces. A single overhead light can make a room feel cold, rather than warm and comfy.

Easy Early Mornings

A large pile of pillows on the bed looks inviting, but it also presents a challenge for visitors when it comes time to make the bed. Dress your guest bed simply with pairs of pillows neatly arranged. If you want to offer extra toppings, such as quilts, stack them in the closet for easy access.

Offer Room Service

Because guests may not be comfortable going to the kitchen for a snack, have a tray prepared with piping hot water, tea bags, and other munchies. Baked goods or a tempting bowl of chocolates add a hint of luxury.

Room to Relax

Whether they are family or friends, guests need to know they can retreat to the bedroom for peace and quiet without having to curl up on the bed. Offer comfortable seating with an upholstered wing chair tucked in a corner. A side table to hold a beverage and books is a must.

Opt for Twin Beds

Guests are often more comfortable in a room with twin beds, since each guest can have his or her own sleeping space. Smaller beds also allow more room for a comfortable chair or writing desk.

Here, a baker's rack serves as a convenient, inexpensive bedside table for both guests. Placing tables on each side would have forced the beds too close together and made the room feel too tight.

The rack is perfect for a tray of refreshments or books. Sconces illuminate the room with soft light for a relaxed, inviting feel.

Added Amenities

If you have some extra time and energy to spare before guests arrive, consider adding a sink to your guestroom.

With the addition of a mirror and sconces, this solution provides the perfect face-washing and shaving nook. The homeowners masterminded this amenity by building out two adjacent closets to create a central alcove just large enough for a pedestal sink. The wall behind the fixture is faced with beaded board and painted to match the room's trim, which protects the area from water damage.

Accent With Bright Colors

Vibrant colors are the easiest way to add personality to a space, and you are less likely to tire of bold tones in a room that isn't used as much as others in the house.

White bedspreads offer a clean, crisp backdrop to accentuate the colors even more. White coverlets are ideal because they can be thrown in the washer and bleached to look brand-new.

Get Ready for Guests
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Get Ready for Guests

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