Thursday, February 14, 2013

Decorate an Open Floor Plan Luxury Designs 2013

Distinguish the area.

Even though you want room to breathe in an open floor plan, it's important to have pieces of furniture or architectural elements to identify each "room." Here, the fireplace and open shelving serve as a focal point and let you know you've arrived in the family room.

Use dividers.

With no walls to divide a space, find other pieces to take their place. Folding screens or a set of chairs with a table in between can do the trick.

Use color for flow.

Choose a colour palette to use throughout the floor plan, and stick to it. In this home, inspiration comes from the outdoors. Neutral greens, browns, and blues give the space continuity, while pops of color in accents and artwork add personal appeal. 

Make statements with lighting.

Another way to set a space apart from the other "rooms" in an open floor plan is to install a distinct light fixture. Instead of a chandelier, a large rectangular pendant dressed in a linen lampshade defines the dining area.

Open up to the outdoors.

Extend your open floor plan even further by incorporating an outdoor room. A covered porch or patio is extremely versatile -- add a table and chairs for dining, a hammock for relaxing, or even a set of appliances for cooking and grilling. The space will increase your square footage and give you more room for entertaining. 

Decorate an Open Floor Plan
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Decorate an Open Floor Plan

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