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7 Easy Centerpieces Luxury Designs 2013

The perfect idea for a stunning centerpiece may be lying in your cupboard. We took seven ordinary household items and turned them into affordable holiday decorations fit for any table. 

Copper Pot

What We Used:
• Vintage copper pot
• 1 large block of florist foam, soaked
• Medium green or copper Cinderella pumpkin
• 2 bunches of sunflowers
• Bittersweet vines
• Pinecones

The florist foam has a dual purpose in this centerpiece. Not only does it act as a watering agent for the sunflowers and bittersweet, but it also gives the Cinderella pumpkin height.

What To Do

Place the pumpkin on the soaked florist foam, and then position the sunflowers around the perimeter. Use pinecones to fill in any holes, and add bittersweet to give the arrangement more height add color.

Roasting Pan

What We Used:
• Red enamel antique turkey roaster
• 2 medium blocks of florist foam, soaked
• Standing pepper berry branches (with leaves attached)
• Apples (Granny Smith, Lady, and McIntosh varieties)
• Florist picks

What To Do

Fill the turkey roaster with enough soaked florist foam to cover the bottom of the pan.

Cover the florist foam with standing pepper berries. (This will establish the architecture of the arrangement.)
Starting with the largest apples, use floral picks to slightly pierce the fruit. Secure the pick into the florist foam. Fill in any empty holes in the arrangement with the smaller apples.

Tiered Tray

What We Used:
• Metal tiered tray
• Florist foam, soaked
• Lemons
• Limes
• Clementines
• Blood oranges
• Sphagnum moss
• Florist pins

Cut one-third of the soaked florist foam to use on the top tier. (The remaining two-thirds will be used for the bottom.)

What To Do

Cover the florist foam with sphagnum moss by securing the pieces of the moss with florist pins. Slightly pierce each fruit with a pick, and secure the other end of each pick into the florist foam.

To add a special touch the day of the party, add sliced citrus to the arrangement for a pop of color and seasonal interest.

Antique Cheese Graters

What We Used:
• Antique cheese graters
• Chocolate cosmos
• Calla lilies (deep purple and magenta)
• Antique hydrangeas
• Pincushion flowers (Scabiosa selections)

We found these graters at an antiques store. They can be turned into floral vases by inserting slender glass containers filled with water. Choose exotic flowers in shades of purple to fill the vases.

Another Option

We used the same flowers that are in the cheese graters, but when set in this antique cake pan, they take on a completely different look.

Fill the pan with soaked florist foam, and then add the flowers (beginning with the hydrangeas.)

Glass Domes

What We Used:
• Wooden cheese boards
• Glass domes
• Lady apples
• Standing pepper berries
• Roses

Traditionally used for serving cheese, these glass domes over wooden boards transition beautifully into embellishments fit for a long table. Filled with small lady apples, rosebuds, and a sprig of pepper berry, the centerpieces come to life to create a easy, seasonal look.

Mint Julep Cups

What We Used:
• 3 silver mint julep cups
• Lime green roses
• ‘Pauline’ hot pink roses
• Antique hydrangeas

Put these cups to use long before next year’s Kentucky Derby by filling them with hot pink and lime green roses. This fresh take on the traditional holiday palette of red and green is bright enough to use for almost any occasion.

Final Touch

To help accent the arrangements, run a lime taffeta ribbon over the tablecloth. This is an easy trick to add a fresh update to your linens.

Wicker Basket

What We Used:
• Large wicker basket
• Florist foam, soaked
• Florist picks
• Pears
• Fall leaves
• Roses

Everyone has an extra basket around the house. Easily turn it into a focal point with just a few flowers and seasonal fruit.

Filled to the Brim

Place the soaked florist foam in a ceramic casserole dish (to protect the wicker basket from moisture). Then add the roses and pears, and secure them with florist picks. Fill in any open holes with beautiful autumn-colored leaves from the yard.

7 Easy Centerpieces
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7 Easy Centerpieces

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